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Introducing Knit ➔ Style ➔ Wear

It may not be immediately apparent, but several essential elements coalesce to create the multifaceted knitwear company, Tahki Stacy Charles.

A drive to innovate, a determination to render the runway in forms accessible to the women who populate this planet, and a desire to develop and deliver a cohesive and consistent story that fellow knitters can recognize and appreciate—this and so much more contributes to Tahki Stacy Charles.

An eagerness to promote meaningful conversations with the knitwear community has led to several innovations over the years. We introduced high-resolution images of our collections to Pinterest to help knitters avoid the dreaded blurriness that so often plagues examining knitwear online (our latest collections, Stacy Charles Fine Yarns’ One Christopher and Tahki Yarns’ Boardwalk, were recently uploaded to Pinterest in the last week). We’ve also returned our brands to our hometown—New York City—allowing the neighborhoods and surrounding environments to influence their style evolutions. The city can be felt in the urbane silhouettes within the collections, which are now shot on the streets and shores that fashioned them. We’ve created runway collages illustrating our fashion influences, as well as street style collages demonstrating the stylish ways to wear the garments. This blog was established to invite our fans into the process behind the scenes—which designers and trends are we looking at, how do we experience fashion and where do we see it moving?

Tahki Stacy Charles is constantly evolving, and I can’t express fully the thrill we feel to have you with us on this journey. This spring, we’re incredibly excited to introduce a new feature we have been strategizing for a long time. It combines our love of fashion, knitwear, style, and the possibilities that arise when you combine those passions.

Knit ➔ Style ➔ Wear is a new feature we hope will spur more conversations about our garments and accessories and how they can be styled and worn. You’ve probably seen style collages pulling together on-trend makeup, jewelry, accessories, and garments on Pinterest and in fashion magazines. Tahki Stacy Charles is so keyed into what’s new, hip, and happening that it felt like a missed opportunity. Knit ➔ Style ➔ Wear aims to cull the latest looks and trends from the season’s hottest high-fashion designers and compose cohesive looks with Tahki Stacy Charles garments. We have several garments from Tahki Yarns Boardwalk and Stacy Charles Fine Yarns One Christopher slated for the Knit ➔ Style ➔ Wear treatment. This season promises to be one of our most exciting yet!

Our first Knit ➔ Style ➔ Wear look of the season showcases the Manasquan Vest from Tahki Yarns Boardwalk. Knit in Tahki Yarns new, denim-inspired Skinny Jeans, Manasquan easily transitions from a day at the beach (seen below) to a night on the boardwalk (seen above in the video). Denim was one of the hottest trends on the Spring 2017 runway and Skinny Jeans captures the look of well-loved, washed denim beautifully. The Manasquan Vest is easy to style casually with dark denim shorts and a peasant top, but a nighttime look is just as effortless to achieve. Its special fringe accents add unique flair to an on-trend maxi dress, denim-accented gladiator sandals, and warm, dark brown accessories that include a woven panama hat, a white pearl and leather fringe necklace, rhinestone-studded watch, and uniquely shaped tote.

Manasquan Vest in Tahki Yarns Skinny Jeans


Jane Poncho Top in Stacy Charles Fine Yarns Ariana

Our second Knit ➔ Style ➔ Wear focuses on the Jane Poncho Top in Stacy Charles Fine Yarns Ariana from One Christopher. Styled above with minimalist jewelry, flowing palazzo pants, and metallic flats, Jane is office-appropriate and chic. In our Knit ➔ Style ➔ Wear video below, the Jane Poncho enjoys the weekend treatment. Cropped, raw hem jeans (very on trend for 2017) are paired with a simple white body suit and statement-making patent leather pumps with metallic skulls in the heel from Alexander McQueen, a mini leather backpack, jeweled neckerchief choker, and black bronze skull bracelet cuff.

But Knit Style ➔ Wear isn’t just about how we see our garments and accessories styled and worn—we want to know how you enjoy them, too. We hope Knit ➔ Style ➔ Wear continues encouraging the ongoing dialogue we have about fashion. Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and in the comments below how you like to wear Tahki Stacy Charles knitwear. What trends do you love and hate, and how do you incorporate what’s hot into a wardrobe that remains enduring and timeless? Let us know—we can’t wait to hear from you!