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Bundling Up With On-Trend Accessories

Can basic accessories ever really go out of style? We don’t think so, but it’s important to remember that certain shapes and silhouettes enjoy prolonged popularity.

Examples of textured and cabled scarves from Pinterest with the Rustic Scarf in Tahki Yarns Arlington

For example, the Rustic Scarf utilizes a perennially popular braided cable stitch pattern. We relish cables in the fall and winter because lush, deeply textured stitchwork most effectively traps warmth. This season we also saw the rise of ultra-long, serpentine scarves, so we designed the Rustic Scarf to embrace the trend. Double or triple it for warmth, or wear it long for a more stylized, on-trend look. By marrying the timeless with the trendy, we’ve created an accessory that will remain stylish this season and beyond.

Street-styled aviator hats from Pinterest with the Coast Redwood Hat in Tahki Yarns Montana & Glacier

The aviator-style hat is a ubiquitous winter accessory. While its utility is undeniable, the appeal goes beyond keeping ears snug and warm. Classically gamine, aviator hats frame the face and draw the eye upward, and perfectly complement any winter ensemble.

The Sycamore Hat in Tahki Yarns Glacier with trapper-style hats from Pinterest

The Coast Redwood and Sycamore hats are knit in Tahki Yarns’ Terra Collection, which is composed of all-natural yarns in neutral hues. While we have seen aviator hats in outrageous colors on the runway, the neutral version is far more popular for everyday wear. This is perhaps because it evokes its trapper hat forebear, which often utilizes real fur. Thankfully, our versions are totally animal-friendly and cruelty-free. Composed solely of wool, wool-blends, and alpaca, you can achieve the same look while knitting free of guilt!