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Fashion Report: Sleeveless Tops

There’s a lot to love about summer: barbecues, beach parties, and lounging by the pool. But when the temps are high, styling can get tricky. How do you do up the fashion without wilting under the heat?
Sleeveless tops are the perfect way to beat the heat without sacrificing your look. Add interest with out layers by choosing bold statement jewelry, or a strong accessory color. Large prints can ramp up visual interest. And a wide-leg trouser is both flattering and cooling. Don’t be afraid to get the most out of a few pieces by choosing pieces with dramatic flair. To get you started, here are some of the great sleeveless designs from the TSC Spring/Summer collections: TSCSleeveless
(From Left to Right: Lafayette Tunic in AUDRA, Miami Tank in TANDEM , Astor Place Tank in CRYSTAL) Check out our Pinterest board for more fashion inspiration!