Stacy Charles Fine Yarns

Angela Jacket in CELINE, CRYSTAL and STELLA


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Multidirectional stripes and three S. Charles Collezione yarns combine to create a shimmery jacket in varying shades of silver. Other colorways of the three yarns also create a beautiful finished product. This piece also goes well with the Audra Top.


Upper Body
With RS facing, A and circular needle, pick up and knit 177 (197, 217, 237, 257, 277) sts evenly along long side of LOWER BODY.

Shape Neck and Raglan
Rep last 2 rows once – 51 (53, 55, 57, 59, 61) sts rem.
Bind off all sts.

Front Edging
With RS facing, C and larger needle, starting at corner of Bottom Edging, pick up and knit 284 (296, 308, 320, 332, 344) sts  around Right Front, Back of Neck, and Left Front edge.