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Juliette Scalloped Eyelet Shawl in TIVOLI and CRYSTAL


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A scallop lace pattern in two yarn weights creates interest in this shawl.


Several knitters have reported difficulty with this pattern. It may help to clarify that in each row, following specific direction for the first few and last few stitches in that row, the other stitches in that row should be worked in the Pearl Scallop Pattern. It may be confusing that the pattern does not consistently indicate that. Please do not forget the directions in the NOTE, which instruct you to work inc sts in St st as they become available - keep that in mind as you work the Pearl Scallop pattern.

Rows 47-56: ... 195 sts after row 56.
Rows 57-70: ... - 237 sts after row 70.
Row 71: ...239 sts.
Rows 72-78: ...253 sts after row 78.
Row 79: ...255 sts.
Row 80-81: 259 sts.