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Lace Doily Cocoon Vest in COTTON CLASSIC


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Lace Doily Cocoon Vest in COTTON CLASSIC


These corrections apply both to the e-pattern and the printed pattern in the COLLAGE Collection book:

RIGHT FRONT Row 18: should begin P2, ssk, yo, * k4, k2tog...

Abbreviations: sm  slip marker

**Shape First Side of Shoulder
Row 4: Work as established to the first marker, sm, yo, k2tog, work to just before next marker, k2tog, yo, sm, work to end.
Row 6: Work Neck edge as established on 4 sts, work to last 10 sts, work last 10 sts as established. Work to marker, k18, work to end.
Row 14: Work to marker, k18, yo, sm, work to end - 96 sts

Shape Sleeve Cap
Row 16: Keeping Neck edge and Lace st as established, work to marker, k2, yo, k2tog, [yo, k1] 6 times, [Double yo, k1] 11 times, Double yo, M1, remove 2nd marker, slip rem 58 sts to a stitch holder for Underarm.
Row 17: Purl across to marker, dropping all yos, purl to end - 39 sts
Row 18: Work to marker, yo, k2tog, k17 k19- 39 sts
Row 19 and all WS Rows, 21, 25, 27: Purl
Row 20: Work to marker, k19 yo, k2tog, k17
Row 22: Work to marker, yo, k2, [yo, k1] 6 times, [Double yo, k1] 11 times.
Row 23: Rep row 17
Row 24: Rep row 20
Row 26: Rep row 18

Rep rows 16 -27 2 more times, then rows 16 - 26 once for sleeve cap.

Shape Underarm
Row 16:
With RS facing and working across 58 sts from Underarm stitch holder, work as established to end.

Keeping last 10 sts of Lower edging as established, work in Lace st for 47 rows

Shape Second Side of Shoulder
Joining Row 1 (WS): Work across 58 sts from Underarm, pm, working across sts from Sleeve Cap stitch holder, p2tog,  purl to last 20 sts, sm, work to end – 96 sts.

Row 6: Work to marker, yo, k3tog, k14, k12, k3tog, yo, work to end – 94 sts.

Row 8: Work to marker, k18, work same Lace Stitch row, work to end.