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We welcome you to this secure section containing everything you need to know about carrying our brands in your shop. The TSC Yarns brands include:

S. Charles Collezione
Tahki Yarns, also featuring the Terra Collection and TahkiSelect

In this area, we have included valuable information exclusively for retailers. Along with our wholesale price list, forms and general information, you will find pertinent information on specific products, programs and programs. Visit this section of our website often, as we will continue to offer valuable information relevant to your business that may be time-sensitive.

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If you are a new retailer or want information on carrying our brands in your shop, you’ll need to have a resale number and/or tax number, plus a store-front address, if applicable. Please write to us at info@tahkistacycharles.com or call 718-326-4433 to ask Customer Service for the criteria necessary for an authorization code.