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Spring Invites A Chance For Texture

For some knitters, a feeling of apathy arises when winter gives way to spring. Gone are the lush, chunky knits, warmth-trapping cables, and cushy-thick merino wools. I can remember a time when spring and summer meant a lull in knitting, but the industry has advanced in manipulations of and dedication to warm weather fibers and patterns. It’s very easy now to craft beautiful spring/summer garments and accessories that have just as much textural interest as fall/winter knits. You just need the right yarns and fashion-forward patterns.

The Sea Bright Poncho in Tahki Yarns Rosa

Tahki Yarns Rosa is a thick-thin cotton with a supple feel. It has an almost roving quality and is sumptuously soft. It generates a natural grain all on its own, but also creates fascinating looks when paired with modest stitch patterns. The Sea Bright Poncho (above) is worked in simple stockinette, yet Rosa transforms it into something that feels compelling and modern.

A close up of Rosa’s texture in the Sea Bright Poncho

The Hope Tank (below) is also knit in stockinette but employs a simple drop stitch pattern. The drop stitches shift the structure of the stockinette, amplifying Rosa’s almost lace-like effect.

Hope Tank in Tahki Yarns Rosa

Tahki Yarns Malibu is a mercerized cotton tape yarn with a subtle sheen and drape. It’s perfect for crisp stitch work—both its luster and tape construction make stitches pop. The Spring Lake Hi-Low Pullover (below) draws on Malibu’s textural strength with an addictive check pattern. Spring Lake could easily translate to a fall/winter garment, but Malibu’s gorgeous drape, airy finish, and silk-like shine create a rich summer piece.

Sprink Lake Hi-Low Pullover in Tahki Yarns Malibu

While thick-thin Rosa disguises drop stitch and transforms it into an ersatz lace, Malibu supports a more structured drop stitch pattern. The Tobay Top (below) features subdued stripes, the effect of an elongated garter stitch pattern. Drop stitches and lace provide a spring/summer analogue to fall/winter’s cable and rib, which can feel too heavy for the season.

Tobay Top in Tahki Yarns Malibu

Finally, Tahki Yarns Ripple is undeniably our premier queen of texture. There is no other yarn quite like it. Beloved among knitters for its unique composition, this 100% cotton is a chainette thick-thin yarn. The flattened “thick” sections and the variance between the two thicknesses give the appearance of rippling water (hence the name).

Tahki Yarns Ripple

It’s a dynamo spring/summer yarn, and one we will be highlighting in a few week’s time. A close up, sneak peek of this season’s Wildwood Crest Vest in Ripple is below to whet your appetite.

detail shot of the Wildwood Crest Vest in Tahki Yarns Ripple

Of course, you can always browse the Tahki Yarns Boardwalk Collection now if you simply can’t wait.