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An In-Depth Look at Fall 2016 Colors with Stacy Charles

At the start of every season, I feel a stirring sense of anticipation. Colors are such a potent element of designer collections. They dictate mood, tell and create cohesive stories, and serve as potent predictors for how the season’s fashions will unfold.

One might assume that manipulating colors in new ways is impossible. We’ve done stripes, color blocking, fair isle, pattern blocking, plaids, checks, polka dots, etc. Nevertheless, I’m consistently surprised. Designers constantly reinvent the (color) wheel, tweaking the conventional in minute ways.

For example, I adore all the new stripes that hit the runway for Fall 2016. It’s no longer just about simple lines. Designers like Etro and Alexander Wang skewed their angles; the former striped on the bias while the latter forged Op Art-style optical illusions. Valentino’s stripes were all textile trickery, employing strips of embroidered shapes against a gauzy background to form suspended, ethereal stripes. Victoria Beckham manipulated scale with multidirectional stripes in varying sizes. Max Mara relied on stark contrasts to create a bold statement. J. Mendel and Cristiano Burani’s glittering stripes were especially gorgeous. Those familiar with the Stacy Charles Fine Yarns brand know my love of sparkle and sequins! A look at these designer’s offerings below shows how easily and beautifully stripes can be updated.

Stripe Collage Runway Fall 2016
Victoria Beckham Fall 2016 RTW, Valentino Fall/Winter 2016, Max Mara Fall 2016 RTW, Etro Fall 2016, J. Mendel Fall/Winter 2016, Victoria Beckham Fall 2016 RTW, Alexander Wang Fall 2016 RTW, Cristiano Burani Fall 2016

Color blocking is another trend we revisit season after season. We’ve moved past the familiar into bold new areas. Sportmax, Emilio Pucci, and Marni seemed to throw both color blocking and striping into a blender, with interesting results. Emporio Armani and Prada played with color blocked checks that influenced the garments’ profiles. Issey Miyake’s color blocked coat was a striking focal point, drawing the eye to the architectural silhouette. Caroline Herrera and Emilio Pucci aimed for geometry, blocking at all angles and various scales.

Colorblocking Collage Runway Fall 2016
(Clockwise from top left) Sportmax Fall 2016, Prada Fall 2016, Marni Fall 2016 RTW, Issey Miyake Fall 2016 RTW, Emporio Armani Fall 2016 RTW, Caroline Herrera Fall 2016 RTW, Emilio Pucci Fall/Winter 2016, Emilio Pucci Fall/Winter 2016


Versace Fall 2016 RTW and Gramercy Park in Stella
Versace Fall 2016 RTW and Gramercy Park in Stella

The use of bold and beautiful colors inspired me this season. I tried to employ irregular textures andmarled effects using specially chosen yarns, which added drama to the designs. Self-striping and self-patterning yarns afford knitters thrilling color effects with very little effort.

Yarns like Stacy Charles Fine Yarns Luna Effects and Tahki Yarns Navajo and Alden Print do a lot of heavy lifting, as each has their own special color effect. Luna Effects features multicolor and tonal prints that reveal the breadth of their hues as you knit along. Navajo allows for easily striped projects, lending itself both to dramatic adult garments and fun-to-wear kid’s clothes. Alden Print‘s kaleidoscopic colorways make deceptively simple fair isle projects a breeze for beginner and skilled knitters alike.

Stacy Charles Fine Yarns Lena and Julie offer clean, uniform stitch definition, which is fantastic when working a combination of color and stitchwork details. The resultant stitches are buttery soft, buoyant, and beautifully illustrate the richness of color in both yarns.

(Clockwise starting from top left) Union Square Top in Lena, Chelsea Pullover in Julie, Battery Park City Pullover & Cowl in Adele & Ritratto, Nolita Tee in Celine, Woodland Hi-Lo Pullover in Mesa, Mountainside Poncho in Alden & Alden Print, Simple Crocheted Shawl in Navajo, Girl's Sunset Pullover in Navajo
(L-R From Top) Riverdale Wrap in Luna Effects, Times Square Shell in Luna Effects & Crystal, West Side Turtleneck in Luna Effects, Turtle Bay Shawl in Luna Effects, Girl’s Sunset Pullover in Navajo, Simple Crocheted Shawl in Navajo, Mountainside Poncho in Alden & Alden Print, Woodland Hi-Lo Pullover in Mesa, Union Square Top in Lena, Chelsea Pullover in Julie, Battery Park City Pullover & Cowl in Adele & Ritratto, Nolita Tee in Celine


Each season we select yarns with knitters and the runway in mind. How can we help knitters achieve the color trends that graced the runway, but with less effort? How can we marry these diverse and eclectic color stories and silhouettes with the perfect yarns? I hope you can see the runway’s influence in both Tahki Stacy Charles’ designs and the quality of our yarns. We hand picked them just for you!


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