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Swatching Ravelry’s Hot Right Now With TSC Yarns

Readers might remember Stacy mentioning Flossie Arend in his first blog post launching Tahki Stacy Charles’ new Fall season. Well, that’s me! As an avid knitter, I’ll be chiming in on Stacy’s blog every now and again to share my knitterly perspective.

As someone who always has an eye on what’s trending in fashion and knitting, I find Ravelry’s Hot Right Now feature to be fascinating. While it’s a great index for new pattern releases, it’s also indicative of patterns that trend across time. Certain patterns grip HRN across months, even years. Stacy and I thought it would be interesting to pair some of my favorite HRN patterns with TSC yarns. Consider this the first installment in a fun new series!

With a ball each of Tahki Yarns Alden Print and Stacy Charles Fine Yarns Luna Effects—two vastly different yarns—I went to work. Strong color stories drive both yarns, so I chose Martina Behm’s wildly popular and versatile Hitchhiker Shawl, designed for multicolor yarns.

Hitchhiker Both
Hitchhiker in Alden Print (top) and Luna Effects (bottom)


Alden Print (top) Luna Effects (bottom)
Alden Print (top) Luna Effects (bottom)

The beauty of Hitchhiker is you can stop whenever you run out of yarn.

One ball of Alden Print made a little scarf/shawlette, but I’m still knitting to see how far Luna Effects will go. Both created lightweight, warm accessories with stunning color play. While one evokes the creeping darkness of twilight, the other feels like the warm break of a new day. I’ll be wearing one or the other at Rhinebeck this year, so keep an eye out if you’re there!

Alden Print (top), Luna Effects (bottom)
Alden Print (top), Luna Effects (bottom)

I also discovered Raveler AuroraSelene’s Hitchhiker in Adele, which I think is a gorgeous interpretation.  She told me, “I really enjoyed making the Hitchhiker with [Adele]. It was the perfect project for a single skein.” It just goes to prove how far one ball of Tahki Stacy Charles yarns will go, and with stunning results!

"Holiday Hitchhiker" by Raveler AuroraSelene
“Holiday Hitchhiker” in Stacy Charles Fine Yarns Adele by Raveler AuroraSelene