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Top Trend 2017: Long Story Short

We hope you’ve been enjoying our overview of the top trends of spring/summer 2017. In case you’ve missed them, you can read our previous blog posts Color Forms, Open Minded Knits, and In-Jean-ious + Stitch Power and browse their respective Pinterest boards: Color Forms, Stitch Power, In-Jean-ious, and Open Minded.

Summer is just starting to heat up, and we have only two trends left to discuss. This week, we’re looking at a trend that has been slowly creeping onto the runways and into street style blogs for the last few seasons. In spring 2017, it became ubiquitous. Hi-lo and asymmetrical tops, cardigans, vests, skirts, and dresses are undeniably hot this season. Celebrities embraced the look on red carpets and inspired high fashion designers propelled the trend down the runway in various forms.

Which brings us to our next hot 2017 trend and latest Pinterest board, Long Story Short. Designers from Alexander Wang to Balmain to Louis Vuitton to Proenza Schouler embraced the off-kilter silhouette, infusing skirts and dresses with unstructured drape—a consequence of their asymmetry and hi-lo profiles.

So why do we, and designers everywhere, love this trend? Flouncing hemlines flirtatiously accentuate the lines of the body, drawing attention to the legs, shoulders, and any other areas highlighted by the positive and negative space created. These diagonal splices also cast the illusion of a slimmer waistline. Cutting the figure at angles lengthens the arms, legs, and waistline, and a hi-lo hemline cinches the waist and generously covers the posterior. The effect is flattering and coquettish. A mini skirt with an asymmetrical hem feels not so mini; a one-shoulder top bares just enough décolletage without going overboard. Asymmetrical and hi-lo hems broaden the scope of a garment’s wearability across age groups. We love that anyone can get in on this hot trend.

The hi-lo/asymmetrical trend inspired looks in both Tahki Stacy Charles Yarns’ spring/summer 2017 collections. In Tahki Yarns Boardwalk Collection, the Wildwood Crest Vest features a concave hemline, with the front edges dipping lower than the entire back edge. Short rows achieve the look and also create a fluttering effect along the back hemline, which almost ripples. It’s a perfect silhouette for Tahki Yarns Ripple, which has natural drape and an innately airy quality. Wildwood also exploits the popularity of the waterfall vest/duster, which is a wardrobe builder. It accessorizes beautifully and deftly with skirts, dresses, palazzo pants, shorts, and jeans.

Wildwood Crest Vest in Tahki Yarns Ripple

The Spring Lake Hi-Lo Pullover in Tahki Yarns Malibu is the second Boardwalk garment featuring a hi-lo hemline. Worked in a simple checkered stitch pattern, Spring Lake is a straightforward take on the trend—cut bluntly to be higher in front and lower in back. It’s a universally flattering silhouette and is sure to stay in style for seasons to come.

Spring Lake Pullover in Tahki Yarns Malibu

The Leroy Tunic in Stacy Charles Fine Yarns Lia features a gently sloping asymmetrical hemline. The cut naturally follows the lines of the female form. It dips down one side, hitting mid-thigh on the long side and mid-hip on the short side. It’s becoming for many body types, adding curves to slimmer women while cutting a bias for fuller figures. Leroy is worked sideways in two pieces in a mix of 1 x 1 and garter ribbing—a fresh texture that also feels timeless. Lia’s mix of cotton and linen gives Leroy an easy drape and summery breathability. A subdued trendy shape ensure its place as another wardrobe essential that will never go out of style.

Leroy Tunic in Stacy Charles Fine Yarns Lia


Feel free to browse our Long Story Short Pinterest board to see all the designers who inspired us in 2017. And don’t forget to check back next week, when we release our final spring/summer 2017 Pinterest trend board. Here’s a hint: it’s sure to dazzle!