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Top Trend 2017: Open Minded Knits

One of my all-time favorite trends suffused the Spring 2017 runways with skin-baring silhouettes. This trend happens to be a particular favorite because of how well and easily it translates to knitwear. From Alexander Wang to Valentino, Rodarte to Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana to Chanel, it seemed everyone in fashion was in love with “open minded” garments.

Open Minded on the runway
(Clockwise starting top left) Alexander Wang, Valentino, Rodarte, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen

These airy, ethereal garments are not so much a trend as they are a perennial staple—a signature spring spirit that revisits fashion every year, once winter settles down for a long seasonal sleep. Tahki Stacy Charles loves “open minded” knits because they offer so many different avenues and opportunities for interpretation.

Knit with any of Stacy Charles Fine Yarns laceweight fibers on a slightly larger-than-called-for needle and the result is a gauzy, diaphanous fabric, as seen in the Harlem Tee in Crystal (below). Knitting garments with laceweight yarns can seem like a daunting process—tiny needles, thin, often slippery fibers, and the very size of a garment will turn off even the most dedicated knitters. Sizing up the needle dispels those fears and offers easy entrée into the sheer trend. It’s a very simple and effective way to achieve the look without the headache.


Harlem Tee
The Harlem Tee in Stacy Charles Fine Yarns Crystal

Aside from sheer looks, we also noticed a lot of mesh and fishnet-style garments on the runways. This is the other opportunity the “open minded” trend affords—it is the perfect occasion to practice lace techniques and play with openwork silhouettes. The staid and stuffy lace of the past is turned on its head in favor of fluid shapes and angular forms that follow and flatter the female body. It is seductive but, if done correctly (or more importantly, smartly), sophisticated rather than risqué.

mesh runway images
(L-R) Stella McCartney, Balmain, Lolitta Collection Sao Paolo, Isabel Sanchi, ICB

Knitters often reserve lacework for shawls and scarves, but it is so well-suited to spring garments, and is very in this year. It’s ultra-femme and sexy and surprisingly ageless. I can already feel hackles rising over the prospect of going out in a mesh top that doesn’t offer the necessary coverage to remain tastefully dressed, but bear with me! One needn’t forgo the modesty of a sensible top—that’s one thing we can leave to the runway models. Although women in their 20s might opt for just a slight tank or fetching bralette, for everyone else, it’s easy to make the look demure with smart layering (see the Lolitta Collection dress featured above). Better yet, choose your mesh wisely. A garment like the Tahki Yarns’ Point Pleasant Pullover in Cotton Classic Lite (below) artfully places the lacework sections across the décolletage and down the shoulders for flirty but respectable flair. It projects a mature femininity with just the right amount of bare skin.

Point Pleasant Pullover
Point Pleasant Pullover in Tahki Yarns Cotton Classic Lite

This season, we crafted six indulgent Pinterest boards to keep our Tahki Stacy Charles fan base informed about our favorite trends. Last week on the blog we talked about In-Jean-ious and Stitch Power, which cover the denim trend and textural stitchwork trend respectively. This week, we encourage you to check out Open Minded, which culls our very favorite sheer and mesh looks from the spring 2017 runways. Open Minded should give you insight into the inspirations behind garments in both the Tahki Yarns Boardwalk Collection and Stacy Charles Fine Yarns One Christopher Collection.

Horatio Cardigan with Kenzo 2017 garments
(L-R) Horatio Cardigan in Stacy Charles Fine Yarns Lia, Kenzo 2017

Our most recent newsletter offered the Horatio Cardigan in Stacy Charles Fine Yarns Lia (above left). It incorporates both eyelet lace in the body as well as ribbed lace in the arms (both lace styles are reflections of different aspects of the sheer trend). Styled quite sensibly, with a hint of the casual, in the above photo, Horatio is also the subject of our latest Knit➔Style➔Wear video, which dresses it up a bit for a night out in Manhattan. Its versatility is proof positive that “open minded” looks are an accommodating and enduring trend.