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Top Trend 2017: Summer Shimmer

(L-R) Georges Hobeika Haute Couture, Lalo RTW, Christopher Kane


We’re officially halfway through 2017 and have reached the terminus of our top trends for the year. I won’t say we saved the best for last, as I adored all our top picks this year. However, our final favorite certainly speaks directly to the Stacy Charles Fine Yarns brand.

The runways dazzled for spring/summer 2017. Glittering beads graced bodices, skirts sparkled with sequins, and jewel-toned metallics scintillated and flashed under the runway lights. High fashion designers presented spring/summer collections in celebration of blazing bright days and star-studded nights. It seemed everyone from Alexander McQueen to Elie Saab to Chanel to Balmain to Gucci was mining the burnished ore of reflective materials. Imagine my excitement!

If you’ve worked with Stacy Charles Fine Yarns family of fibers in the past, you probably can guess why Summer Shimmer is one of our favorite fashion trends this year. Stacy Charles Fine Yarns collection is imbued with glamour—quite literally, and in the archaic sense, we aim to enchant. A look at our yarns only confirms this. We delight in metallics, sequins, and paillettes, and color coordinate our yarns so that you can glimmer and gleam in whatever array best suits your garment or accessory.

The spring 2017 Stacy Charles Fine Yarns One Christopher Collection featured several looks that manipulated our yarns in distinctive ways to play up their shimmer powers. We mixed & matched yarns—many of which come in small gauges so as to remain lightweight and to pair more easily—to achieve different effects.

The Bedford Top (featured in this week’s newsletter) works Stacy Charles Fine Yarns Stella on larger-than-called-for needles for a lacy, openwork effect. A silk metallic with decadent softness and drape, Stella flatters the elongated drop stitch used in Bedford.

Bedford Top in Stacy Charles Fine Yarns Stella

The Bethune Top features Stacy Charles Fine Yarns Celine held doubled. A laceweight viscose metallic yarn, Celine doubles easily without weighing down a garment. Doubling Celine strengthens the structure of a garment, which elegantly accentuates the details in a top like Bethune. A classic silhouette, Bethune’s clean lines and subtle design details shine in Celine.

Bethune Top in Stacy Charles Fine Yarns Celine

The Clarkson Cardigan utilizes sequin-studded Flora for a classic warm weather cardigan with a touch of sparkle. Flora’s delicate gauge and crisp cotton composition beautifully uphold the elegant lace work in Clarkson, which features left and right slanting eyelets that frame the female form.

The Clarkson Cardigan in Stacy Charles Fine Yarns Flora

As I stated at the beginning, Stacy Charles Fine Yarns fibers truly shine when coupled together. Coordinating a yarn like Flora with sister yarns Nina and Audra produce unique fabrics that benefit from their constituent yarns. The King Street Pullover (below, left) holds Flora and Nina together, producing a pullover with understated sparkle. Nina’s combination of cotton and linen give King Street light drape and sharp stitch definition, highlighting the ribbed v-neck and rib trimming at the hem and pockets.

(L-R) The King Street Pullover in Stacy Charles Fine Yarns Flora & Nina, the Charles Cardigan in Stacy Charles Fine Yarns Flora & Audra

In the Charles Cardigan (above right), Flora is held with Audra, a laceweight linen-silk-viscose marl in tweedy colorways. Flora adds a glitter effect to Audra’s intriguing color play and can—depending on the color chosen—either mute or highlight Audra’s dominant color.

In both of the above garments (as well as in the Clarkson Cardigan), the small gauge yarns produce airy, lightweight, and easy to wear fabrics suited to warm months. Pairing our yarns allows knitters to fashion long sleeves in the summer, because the fabrics created are so breathable and light.

The Bond Tank in Alicia & Crystal

The Bond Tank smartly pairs Stacy Charles Fine Yarns linen Alicia with sequin-kissed Crystal. Together, the two laceweight yarns make a DK weight yarn and create a lightweight, airy fabric with a soft shimmer. Bond’s broken rib pattern, which bestows supple, figure-skimming pliancy, greatly benefits from their composite. The rib features Crystal’s sequins prominently in some areas and less so in others, so that they appear like unmined gems locked in stone.

Browse Stacy Charles Fine Yarns fiber family to stimulate your longings for sparkly knits this season, then check out our Summer Shimmer Pinterest board to discover the looks that inspired our One Christopher collection. You might want to put your sunglasses on first, though—it is very bright in there!