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  • Top Trend 2017: Open Minded Knits

    Top Trend 2017: Open Minded Knits

    One of my all-time favorite trends suffused the Spring 2017 runways with skin-baring silhouettes. This trend happens to be a particular favorite because of how well and easily it translates to knitwear. From Alexander Wang to Valentino, Rodarte to Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana to Chanel, it seemed everyone in fashion was in love with Read More >>Read More »
  • In-Jean-ious + Stitch Power: Exploring Spring 2017 Trends

    In-Jean-ious + Stitch Power: Exploring Spring 2017 Trends

    After a few decades of scanning the runways for the hottest and newest looks, I’ve become quite sharp and eagle-eyed regarding the latest trends. Patterns quickly emerge, and you just as quickly absorb them into your personal fashion vocabulary. From there, it’s a short step to imbuing Tahki Stacy Charles knitwear collections with au courant Read More >>Read More »
  • Introducing Knit ➔ Style ➔ Wear

    Introducing Knit ➔ Style ➔ Wear

    It may not be immediately apparent, but several essential elements coalesce to create the multifaceted knitwear company, Tahki Stacy Charles. A drive to innovate, a determination to render the runway in forms accessible to the women who populate this planet, and a desire to develop and deliver a cohesive and consistent story that fellow knitters Read More >>Read More »

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Tahki Stacy Charles is your fashion resource in the world of yarn, with 40+ years of creating runway-ready yarns. We love everyday fashion, we value wanderlust, we celebrate life experience, and we believe in the power of people to inspire and sustain each other’s crafting. Our story is your story, the story of each knitter and crocheter’s creations.