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  • Spring Invites A Chance For Texture

    Spring Invites A Chance For Texture

    For some knitters, a feeling of apathy arises when winter gives way to spring. Gone are the lush, chunky knits, warmth-trapping cables, and cushy-thick merino wools. I can remember a time when spring and summer meant a lull in knitting, but the industry has advanced in manipulations of and dedication to warm weather fibers and Read More >>Read More »
  • Top Trend 2017: Color Forms

    Top Trend 2017: Color Forms

    Tahki Stacy Charles loves color. We strive to design garments and accessories that not only feel unique, but are also easily customizable. Color provides one of the easiest methods of personalizing a knitted piece. The desire for that level of customization is why Cotton Classic—an enduring all-weather favorite among knitters—comes in a staggering array of Read More >>Read More »
  • Tahki Stacy Charles Garments Explore The Open Minded Trend

    Tahki Stacy Charles Garments Explore The Open Minded Trend

    Spring weather summons subtly bared skin and breezy silhouettes. It can be a challenging time for knitters, who must abandon their thick, plush woolens and comfy sweaters. However, spring presents opportunities for playing with lace, mesh, and dropped stitches, which can be transposed into pullovers, tanks, shawls, and more. When we chose trends to focus on Read More >>Read More »

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Tahki Stacy Charles is your fashion resource in the world of yarn, with 40+ years of creating runway-ready yarns. We love everyday fashion, we value wanderlust, we celebrate life experience, and we believe in the power of people to inspire and sustain each other’s crafting. Our story is your story, the story of each knitter and crocheter’s creations.