Taormina Circle Vest in TEMPO - Errata

Although there is no actual error in the pattern, there are two issues that a few knitters have found to be problematic:

  1. Difficulty in getting the correct gauge. The needle sizes (both the one indicated on the ball band and the one recommended in the pattern) are merely a suggestion, as everyone knits at a different tension. For that reason, our patterns always state OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE. Knitters should change to whatever needle size enables them to get the correct gauge – even if it is several sizes larger than what is recommended in the pattern.
  2. Difficulty with the armholes – after knitting the St st and eyelet center section, it is necessary to bind off a number of stitches on either side of the circular piece and then, on the next round, to do a cable cast-on over the bound-off stitches to form the opposite side of the armhole. This is indicated on the schematic by the heavy black arc-line on either side of the center circle. After a couple of knit rounds, the Lace Pattern begins.